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Ink Cartridges for Address Printers

Ink cartridges for address printers look much like ink cartridges for common inkjet printers. In fact, they're pretty close to the same thing but cartridges for address printers contain quick drying inks. Address printers work with fixed print heads. The heads are position by sliding up and down rails and then being locked in place. Unlike common inkjet printers which automatically move the ink heads back and forth and print stripes. This is because address printers work in a fundamentally different way, the ink head remains stationary while the printed piece is fed at a controlled speed through the machine under the ink head. This means that when printing is stopped the ink head is unable to park itself and stay dry. For this reason ink cartridges for address printers usually have a shorter lifespan than cartridges used in common inkjet printers. This is why it's important to buy cartridges that are specifically designed for use in address printers.

Ink cartridges for address printers come in several variations, the difference being the type of ink in the cartridge. Some inks have different drying characteristic for use on different types of paper. Other cartridges can come in different colors.

When you're done using your ink cartridges it's important to properly store them so that they will work properly next time they're needed. Ink cartridges need to be kept covered so that they're not ever allowed to dry out. Cartridges can also sometimes be stored in a make-shift humidor, like used for cigars. Take a moist rag and place it in the bottom of a sealed container with your cartridges. This will maintain a high humidity environment where the cartridges cannot dry out. Once a cartridge has dried out they can sometimes be revived by gently wiping the head of the cartridge with a moist cloth. There will be times when a cartridge cannot be revived and must be replaced.


For the cleaning and conditioning of rubber rollers. Removes adhesives and paper dust.

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HP 45A Versatile Black Ink Rena EasyInk Aqueous Plus Ink Cartridge
This is an HP 45A 600 dpi black ink cartridge for addressing imagers. HP #45 is compatible with a wide variety of print solutions. Rena EasyInk Aqueous Ink Cartridges are designed for addressing imagers. Aqueous ink cartridges are great for printing on coated or varnished paper.