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Smart Fog - Commercial & Industrial Humidifiers

The Smart FogŪ patented technology is based on fractal frequency and de-correlation technology. This technology utilizes precision engineering, which is combined with compressed air and water to reverse the correlation effect. The process creates a consistent water droplet size of 4.2 microns, which is distributed into the air in a consistent and controllable dimensional delivery. Since the droplets are uniformly sized and distributed, you get even, precisely-controlled humidity without wetting exposed surfaces.

ES100 Industrial Humidifiers

Direct Space Humidifier

Using Smart Fog's fully automated energy efficient ES100 Systems, designed for simple installations and low maintenance, you will be able to achieve the following without increasing utility bills or compromising safety:

  • Non-wetting precise humidity control
  • Elimination of mold, bacteria and dust
  • No drains, no pumps or fans required
  • The ES100 humidifiers can be wall mounted or inserted into ducts


In-Duct Humidifier

Designed for applications that require in-duct installation. With 100% evaporation technology, there is no need for droplet screens, ducts or drains.

  • No drains, droplet filters required
  • Maintenance free, no moving parts
  • Fast and simple plug and play installation
  • 4.2 micron droplet size with Smart Fog equal air spacing technology


Mobile Humidifier

Bring portability to your commercial humidifier needs. The ES100M is a complete plug and play mobile humidification and disinfection system that's perfect for on-the-go applications.

The Smart Fog mobile provides economical and convenient solutions for a wide range of humidity control and disinfection applications including:

  • Trucking
  • Storage
  • Food: Sea food transportation, Sea food disinfection, Meat storage, Produce cold storage
  • Facilities: Class rooms, Housing, and Hospitals


Fog Tunnel Solutions

The fog tunnel is a stainless steel enclosure that may be retrofitted on any exisiting conveyor system or custom manufactured. The contained structure prevents worker exposure.

  • All materials used in the fog tunnel are food grade
  • ALl materials are UL and NSF approved, and BPA free
  • All components are also RoHS compliant
  • Both air and water filtered prior to entering the system and oxygenated at output also aiding in the cleanliness of the system

Smart Fog humidity control solutions are designed to deliver consistent, precisely controlled results in every application. Since every customer's situation is unique, we manufacture different models of humidifier products.

Customized Applications

  • Need humidification right on your processing line?
  • Have a custom application that you need to maintain a precise relative humidity level for?

Please contact us for additional information at 810-238-7370 and let us help you find the perfect humidity control solution for your operation!

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ES100 Industrial Direct Space Humidifier ES100 Direct Space Humidifier

Smart Fog ES100 Direct Space Humidity Control

TS100 In-Duct Humidifier TS100 In-Duct Humidifier

Smart Fog TS100 In-Duct Humidifier

ES100M Mobile Humidifier ES100M Mobile Humidifier

Smart Fog ES100M Mobile Humidifier