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Bulk Mailing Software

Bulk Mailing Software automates all of the tasks associated with bulk mailing. Bulk mailing requires the completion of a lot of time consuming and sometimes confusing steps in order the post office to accept your bulk mailing at a presorted discount rate. Steps like CASS certification, PAVE certificaion, move updates, database importing, field mapping, removing duplicates, the completing of mail forms and many other steps. Bulk mailing software makes these tasks extremely simple to complete by those who might not be familiar with the ins-and-outs of the postal service. Bulk Mailing Software will help to take you through these steps in an orderly fashion so that no important task is forgotten and so that mailings are done consistently.

CASS Certification

CASS Certification is the process of verifying address quality of a list of addresses. It contains many different checks against a list including but not limited to the addition of +4 zip codes, address block verification based on streets and cross-streets. CASS certification can also include the sorting of a bulk mailing, meaning that the sequence of mailing will match the sequence that a delivering courier will be delivering the mailed pieces in. Sorting would be irrelevant if a courier had to flip through a large stack of mailed pieces at each address to find the one with the correct address.

Move Update

Move update is another critical step in the bulk mailing process. Bulk mail by permit has recently made move updates required for discounts. Move update will check your database of addresses against the postal services database of business and individuals who have filled out the postal form for mail forwarding when they move. It's been stated that on average about 10% of the population of America moves every year. Without proper move update checks against a mailing list, 10% of your mail may not be deliverable. Move updates area critical feature of all mailing software.

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