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Akiles DuoMac C41ECI+ 4:1 Coil Binding Equipment
Akiles DuoMac - C41ECI Plus Combo Binding Equipment


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Akiles DuoMac C41ECI+ 4:1 Coil Binding Equipment

The DuoMac C41ECI+ combines manual coil punch, manual comb binding punch and manual comb binding opener in one machine. This revolutionary binding equipment allows you to create two different types of bindings with one machine, thanks to its two independent punching die sets. The C41ECI+ creates an oval, 4mm x 5mm punch for a much smoother finish.

DuoMac's C41ECI+ has versatile and easy-to-use features allow you to create professionally and elegantly bound books / reports / catalogs, while its heavy-duty all metal construction gives you the dependability you need; so you can finish your important project on-time, every time.

Manufactured by Akiles, leading producer of innovative and high quality paper binding and laminating machinery, DuoMac is truly an ideal binding system for anyone who requires multiple binding capabilities at an affordable price!

2-In-1 Combo Equipment (Also Available):

  • DuoMac - C41ECI
  • DuoMac - C41ECI+
  • DuoMac - 421 / 431
  • DuoMac - C31 / C21
  • DuoMac - C41 / C51
  • DuoMac - 541/531/521

A unique custom-built combo unit to do the work of two. You choose the combination: Comb-Wire, Comb-Coil, Coil-Wire, Coil-Coil, Wire-Wire. One machine is equals 10 possible comb, wire, coil combinations. Personalize your DUOMAC to work with any 2 of the most popular binding methods.

Finding the DUOMAC that's right for you. Choose your 2 Binding Methods:

Untitled Document
Comb Coil 5:1 Coil 4:1 Wire 3:1 Wire 2:1
Comb -- DuoMac C51 DuoMac C41 DuoMac C31 DuoMac C21
Coil 5:1 DuoMac C51 -- DuoMac 541 DuoMac 531 DuoMac 521
Coil 4:1 DuoMac C41 DuoMac 541 -- DuoMac 431 DuoMac 421
Wire 3:1 DuoMac C31 DuoMac 531 DuoMac 431 -- DuoMac 321
Wire 2:1 DuoMac C21 DuoMac 521 DuoMac 421 DuoMac 321 --
  • DuoMac C41ECI+ is a combination of manual coil punch, electric coil inserter, manual comb binding punch, and manual comb binding opener
  • Features two independent punching die sets that can be disgengaged allowing punching of any size document while preventing partial side-end perforation
  • Depth margin control provides the correct punch margin depth for each wire/comb size and maximizes document tear resistance
  • Open punching throat and continuous punching guide for an easy alignment and punching of longer documents
  • Master selector determines the correct wire diameter, closing position, depth margin and wire pitch
  • Diameter scale measures document's thickness in order to select the best wire/comb size option
  • Electric coil inserter is sold separately at a bundle price for any coil combination
  • Waste drawer
  • Side margin control provides an evenly centered punch for all document sizes
  • Comb spreader with any comb combination
  • Built-in wire closer with any combination
  • 100% disengagement dies for wire and comb (5 for coil)
  • One-year warranty

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