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Books are one of the largest segments of printing. Despite market trends and the rise of the e-reader, print manufacturers are still making lots of profit making books. Those who are most successful in this modern age of booklet making do so by making themselves efficient at producing short runs. Modern automated equipment, like book binding machines, that sets up quickly and produces quality books without waste is what keeps book publishers profitable.

Bookletmaking is one of Mid-State Litho's true specialties. We have installed tons of perfect binding, saddle stitching and mechanical binding systems. Some extremely high production workflows include three knife trimmers and even small manual punching machines for spiral binding Whether you're looking for a comb binding machine or an electric coil binding machine, you can find it here at MSL.

Read more about types of binding at the bottom of this page.

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Akiles BookletMac Automatic Booklet Maker Akiles BookletMac Automatic Booklet Maker

Akiles BookletMac Automatic Booklet Maker

Akiles Versamac+ Heavy Duty Punch with Auto Ejector & Stacker Akiles Versamac+ Heavy Duty Modular Punch

Akiles Versamac+ Heavy Duty Punch with Auto Ejector & Stacker

Horizon HT-30C Three-Side Trimmer Horizon HT-30C Three-Side Trimmer

Horizon HT-30C Three-Side Trimmer

Akiles DuoMac - C41ECI Combo Binding Equipment Akiles DuoMac C41ECI 4:1 Coil Binding Equipment

Akiles DuoMac C41ECI 4:1 Coil Binding Equipment


Types of Book Binding

Books come in a very wide variety, as do the machines that make them. The four largest categories of book binding are case-binding, perfect binding, saddlestitching and mechanical binding. Each binding method has its own strengths and weaknesses, and many print manufacturers are capable of producing whatever their customers want. There are always a lot of factors that go into deciding whichever method of book binding you need. Cost is typically the largest consideration, but the aesthetic of the book is really important too. There's something sacred about the contents of a book's pages; it's as though you're locking someone's thoughts into a box and it seems to command a certain kind of respect. Books are timeless; they help us pass our knowledge to future generations. Book binding is a deep topic, and there are hundreds of methods for combining pages of script.

Case Binding

Case binding is probably the most familiar type of book. Think of your old textbooks with a hard cover. Creating hard cover books is a several stop process. First of which is marrying the pages of the book block together with glue or by sewing. These sheets can be individual but they are often prepared in subsets called signatures. The book block must then be trimmed on three sides in order to create a uniform look. Next, a cover is applied and secured to the book block in one of several ways.


A saddlestitched book is simply folded sheets that are stapled in the center. The term saddlestiching comes from the fact that folded sheets are laid across a saddle where they are then stapled or stitched together. Saddlestiching is a rather rudimentary method of bookletmaking compared to case binding but the benefits are great. Saddlestiched books are extremely inexpensive to produce and can be created with a quick turnaround. These types of books are commonly used for product manuals and periodicals.

Perfect Binding

Perfect bound books offer the best of both worlds. A very high quality finished look with a square bind as well as a reduced cost of manufacture. Perfect bound booklets have a square spine and a soft cover. Perfect binding machines will take a raw book block, mill and score the spine, feed a single cover, and then nip the cover to the book spine. Perfect binding machines have a broad range going from single clamp tabletop machines to systems like the Horizon SB-09 which has nine clamps that all move continuously along a carousel.

Mechanical Binding

Mechanical binding is a broad category that includes spiral binding, wire-o binding, comb binding and several other styles. These methods are defined as a mechanic bind because of the use of another clamping agent to mechanically connect all pages. MSL supplies a number of comb binding machines and other mechanical binding systems for publishers who prefer this style of binding.