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Book Binding Glue Hot Melt

Binding adhesives or binding glues are available in thousands of formulas that are typically broken down into two main families; EVA and PUR. These two types of adhesives are different in many ways. EVA hotmelt glue has a difficulty binding to coated stock and does not meet the requirements of lay flat blinding. PUR book binding glue is durable against all temperatures. Allowing PUR books to be handled in almost any climate location. Binding adhesives are available in chips and slugs. We supply several types of book binding glue and other binding adhesives, and each has its own advantages. The best way to know which binding glue is right for your application is to contact our team of binding experts. For additional information or to place an order, please contact us directly at 1-800-343-4231.

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Glue Adhesive (Coated/Uncoated) Glue Adhesive (Coated/Uncoated) (5#)

Glue Adhesive (Coated/Uncoated) (5#)

Glue for book spines. Ideally suited for smaller book binding machines, this versatile glue is able to adhere to a wide range of papers.

Our Price: $56.00
UH2004-5-VSR PUR Adhesive Glue Slug UH2004-5-VSR PUR Adhesive Glue Slug

PUR Adhesive Glue Slug/Case

Single Slug or Case [9 Slugs] Available

PUR binding is a form of perfect binding, where the pages and cover are glued together at the spine and the other three sides of a book are trimmed as needed to give them clean "perfect" edges. Polyurethane (PUR) is the most durable book binding glue available.

Order your PUR adhesive glue online todayUH2004-5-VSR PUR Adhesive Glue Slug

Our Price: $44.00
Technomelt PUR Cleaner All-In-1 Technomelt PUR Cleaner All-In-1

Technomelt PUR Cleaner All-In-1

Our Price: $94.23
Cool Bind Glue Adhesive 30lb Cool 416C Technomelt Cool 416C Coolbind Adhesive Glue [30LBS]

Technomelt Adhesive

Used to be product code 34-680C

Technomelt AdhesiveTechnomelt is one of the best hot melt ethyl vinyl acetate adhesives that we've found. Although it's well suited for all kinds of applications including everything from baby diapers to carton and case sealing. When it comes to book binding technomelt simply performs. The 416C formula is specially formulated for book binding and is designed for application at 275 degrees Fahrenheit (+/- 15 degrees). The formula offers excelled adhesion, low odor, good color, low energy use, reduced burn hazard, and less maintenance.

As a hotmelt adhesive, technomelt is polymer-based and is 100 percent solid, containing no solvents or water. Technically all hot melt glues are a category of thermoplastic, which means it is solid at room temperature but liquefies upon heating, then solidifies again upon cooling. This property gives hot melt a fast setting speed. The lack of water and solvents allows hot melt to attain peak bonding strength very quickly.

Our Price: $148.00
Hot Melt Glue HM-225 Chips Horizon HM-225 Glue Chips

Horizon Hot Melt HM-225 Glue Chips

Horizon HM-225 (same as the HM-221) is a hot melt glue. More specifically, an ethyl-vinyl acetate glue, commonly referred to as EVA. EVA glues are hot melt adhesives that become liquid at high temperature and harden when cooled. This ability allows the glue to flow within the fibers of the paper to form a mechanical bond. Horizon HM-225 glue comes in the form of chips. These glue chips are great for most any perfect binding or padding application. HM-225 is particularly useful for gluing coated stocks that most other glues have trouble adhering to. The opaque white glue is a classic look that is pleasing to the eye.

Our Price: $382.00
Horizon HM-409 Side Adhesive HM-409Side Adhesive [Case 44LBS]

Horizon HM-409 Side Adhesive Glue; formerly HM-403

Our Price: $398.50
Side Glue M700-1 Side Glue [25lb box]

Side Glue

This is a 25 pound box of specialty book adhesive. This adhesive is specially formulated for use as side glue, running along the side of the spine helping to hold the cover flat to the book block. This item is typically in stock at our warehouse ready to ship.

Our Price: $135.00