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CRON 36 CTP Series
CRON 36 CTP Series


Code: CRON-36UVP
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CRON CTP system is a set of integrated solutions for pre-press systems. It is composed of five parts including plate loading, laser plate imaging, bridge, plate processing, and plate collection. Each part has its unique upgrade scheme and exclusive one man operation mode. Combined with CRONY workflow software independently developed by CRON, you can easily experience the full-automatic production process.

Together with diversified modules, just one labor is enough to complete the entire process. With the full set of color management systems customized by CRON Color Management Team for your machine, your entire production process will be completely digitalized. At this time, you will be able to experience the surprise of transferring pictures from the memory card of camera to your hands without any loss in 14 minutes and 30 seconds!


CRON's CTP system can stably produce high-quality printing plates for you. With CRON, you can say goodbye to obsessions like machine halt, second plate making, and low image quality. At the same time, with an unapproachable volume advantage, CRON CTP can obviously reduce transportation and space costs.


CRON offers a simple and stable autoloader upgrade, with one man operation. Single cassette can take a maximum of 500 plates and CRON's multi cassette autoloader supports 5 different sizes plates, automatic paper and plate separation. Auto cassettes interchange to save trouble and labor issue caused by multi specification plates.

Three-way Online Punching Gap Bridges

The latest 3-direction online punching bridges independently developed by CRON innovatively adopt pneumatic punching method, which is stable and fast. It is also equipped with a high-accuracy side gauge positioning system, to make the punching position accurate to 10um.

Product Features:
  • Ensure Stability of Processing Fluid
  • Ensure Precisely Restore of Dots
  • Improve Production Efficiency
  • Reduce Plate Waste
  • Empty Barrel Alarm Model
  • Automatically Calculate the Quantity and Supplementation
  • Drum Surface Flatness of 5um
  • Constant Temperature with Short Range Laser
  • Automatic Separate Plates & Paper
  • Drum Anti-air-leak (patent)
  • V-Shape High Accuracy Guide Rail (patent)
  • LEMSS (Magnetic Leviation) (patent)
  • Output Resolution of up to 2800dpi
  • Registration Accuracy within 0.01mm
  • High-power Laser Diode for Fast Scanning
  • Fully-automatic and Highly Effective
  • Low Cost of Ownership

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