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Mid-State Litho is an equipment and supply company specializing in industrial support of the printing industry. We carry many varieties of machines, everything from bookletmakers and printers to paper folders or paper cutters. We also have a line of secure paper shredders, PUR perfect binders and much more. Please browse through our equipment category and see what opportunities are available.

As experts in print and print-finishing, we welcome any challenge and have the products in our arsenal to provide solutions for all kinds of applications. This expertise carries over to low volume applications like office environments where we're folding a few invoices every day. We have a variety of smaller machines to suit any budget.

MSL is a family company founded in 1984 by my father, Doug Barrett. My mother and sister are both partners as well and we extend that family relationship to our entire work force and customer base. Recently celebrating our 35 th anniversary, our company is committed to servicing our customers the best way we can. Technical and after-the-sale support has always been our strength. In production, reliable equipment backed by top-notch service is the only way to operate. With tight deadlines and demanding applications, customers expect the best. To provide the best you need to be supported by the best.

Recently we've updated to a more modern layout that works much better with tablets and mobile devices. This new responsive layout should help provide a better experience for our users and allow us to better display our great products.

Standard Horizon Bookletmaking Systems
Standard Horizon Continuous Feed Solutions
Challenge Programmable Paper Cutters
Challenge Machinery Knife Care Tips & Safety
MBM Aerocut Velocity Business Card Cutter
Horizon BQ480 Perfect Binder
DryLam Automatic Laminator & Trimmer
Morgana Digital Finishing for Digital Printers