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Mitsubishi is a global leader when it comes to the manufacture of polyester- and paper-based silver halide printing plates and has many years of experience in the field of CTP. Silver Digiplate is exposed directly in digital platesetters or imagesetters without intermediate processes.

It is available as a polyester and paper printing plate and offers excellent printability. It is compatible with most laser imagesetters and is highly suitable for conventional offset printing presses. Silver Digiplate is the perfect prepress solution for all types of one-, two- and four-color printing. Now there's a way to connect with all the time and money saving advantages of computer to plate, with a minimum of pain and a maximum of gain. It's Mitsubishi's Silver Digiplate System and it's your portal to winning more work and increasing your profits in the modern world of shorter runs with tighter margins.

The Silver DigiPlate System eliminates conventional platemaking steps such as film and film processing, paste-up, stripping, and plate burning. You can image the plate directly from your desktop and you're done. That saves you time, labor costs, and equipment expenses. Silver DigiPlate is the right choice for the type of work you do. It can be used for all types of jobs, from single-to-four color ... from commercial printing to book production and beyond. Silver DigiPlate has a long history of proven performance. In production for over 20 years, it has become the industry standard for high-quality plate material. In fact, Silver DigiPlate helped pioneer CTP technology, and today more than half of all CTP installations are non-metal.

Silver DigiPlate is as effective in the pressroom as it is in prepress. Use our paper-based plates for run lengths up to 10,000 sheets, or choose our polyester-base material for runs up to 25,000. On press, Silver DigiPlate delivers excellent water receptivity and response, superior resolution, and sharper images. You'll achieve resolutions up to 175 lines per inch. In North America alone, Mitsubishi Imaging has installed over 1,000 digital platesetters that are imaging Silver DigiPlate and there are thousands more running Silver DigiPlate through other manufacturers' platesetters and imagesetters. So you can make the switch over to polyester CTP knowing that you['re using technology that's both proven and profitable. Mitsubishi's line of Silver DigiPlate materials produces first generation printing plates directly from most polyester CTP platesetters or laser imagesetters.

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silver_digiplate_SDP_FR100_13 Silver Digiplate FR100 4m 13" 725

Silver Digiplate FR100 4m 13" 725

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