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Morgana Feeders and Collators

Morgana's Feeders and Collators are Fast, Versatile, and Easy to Use.

The 510 Series of Feeders/Collators are based on a standard 10 station, high capacity bin tower structure with centre registration. Units are equipped with feeder mode are ideally suited to customers who have a range of digital and litho printed work, some of which may need collated and some may also be a need to feed digitally printed work from black and white devices, combining coloured pages or covers. The 510 Series can feed up to 4000 sets in collator mode, or up to 7000 sheets per hour in feeder mode, offering maximum flexibility for a wide range of work.

Within the industry there has always been a need to feed material in a controlled fashion. Previously many jobs have had to be hand fed. Lamination, inserting machines, sealers to name but a few.
The 8000 Feeder is height adjustable and can be wheeled up and height set. The 8000 Feeder is simplicity itself. Controlled feeding ensues with a steady flow of media into your chosen device.

The VF1008 is a completely new concept in vacuum feeding and collating and is ideally suited to produce work from litho sections, from pre-collated jobs from digital engine, or indeed a combination of both. The VF1008 can be used as a stand-alone collating machine, or as the feeding unit for several high production booklet making options.

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Morgana 510 Feeder/Collator Morgana VF1008 Feeder/Collator Morgana 8000 Feeder
Morgana 510 Feeder/Collator High capacity, suction fed feeder for digital and litho applications
Morgana 8000 Feeder
Morgana VF602 Dual Bin Vacuum Feeder
Morgana VF602 Dual Bin Vacuum Feeder
Morgana's Feeders and Collators are Fast, versatile, and easy to use; the UC-1100 represents excellent value for money and is an ideal desktop collator for a wide range of document finishing applications.