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Printing Blanket

The printing blanket has become a necessity of the offset printing method. The printing blanket is a smooth mat that is wrapped around a cylinder within the printing unit. This mat acts as a cushion that presses against the master and picks up the image. The purpose of the printing blanket is to transfer the image from the master to the sheet. In other words, the printing blanket is the medium that carries the image from the plate to the paper. Printing blankets are designed to be removed and replaced periodically to compensate for wear.

Mid-State Litho offers print blanket repair, printing blankets, under blankets and packing. Check out our complete collection below:

Holes and Bars

Blankets for the most part come in two variants; those with bars and those that are punched. The difference is in how the blankets are mounted to the blanket cylinder. Most larger and more modern presses use blankets with bars. Barred blankets have a straight piece of metal crimped onto each end of the blanket. Punched blankets, as shown above, will have a row punched holes along each end of the blanket, these holes are lined up with a pinbar and are then locked into position.

Under Blankets

Under blankets are a secondary blanket that is installed below the primary blanket. Some presses utilize this 2-ply blanket system to give the operator more control over the blanket thickness which is the means of adjustment for printing pressure. Under blankets will come cut to size for the press and will match the primary blanket. In some situations the under blanket should be replaced at the same time as the primary blanket. In low wear situations it is not uncommon for underblankets to last as long as two primary blankets.


Packing serves a very similar purpose to under blankets. Packing is installed below the primary blanket as a means of increasing printing pressure. Packing can come cut to size but certain suppliers offer larger standard sizes that can be cut to fit. Packing can also come with adhesive to make installation much easier, this packing is called Sticky Back. Packing does wear out and needs to be replaced when printing pressure is low. Packing has a much longer lifespan than under blankets

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Blue Swell Blanket Repair Printing Blanket Fix Hamada RS/VS34 Series Under Blanket hamada_234_printing_under_blanket
A fast acting, topical blanket smash repair. Works quickly to eliminate expensive downtime by applying directly to the damaged area or low spot of the blanket to restore a proper printing surface for halftones and critical images. Hamada RS34 Series Blanket & Under Hamada H234 Series Blanket & Under with HSF Bars
toko_printing_blanket toko_printing_blanket Hamada DU34 Series Blanket
13" x 19" Under Blanket
Our Price: $38.78
Under Blankets for Toko, ProPrint, and Multi presses. Narrow Under Blanket for Toko, Multi, and ProPrint presses. Hamada 248 Series Blanket
Hamada H-234 Blanket 19-7/8" around x 12-5/8" Across Sakurai 58 Series Blanket & Under Sakurai 66 Series Blanket & Under
Hamada H-234 Blanket 19-7/8" around x 12-5/8" Across [1 ea] Sakurai 58 Series Blanket & Under with FSF Bar Sakurai 66 Series Apollo Blanket & Under with FSF Bars
Hamada 52 Series Blanket & Under Set
Hamada 52 Series Unison Blanket & Under with LHSF Bars