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Satori Mailing Solutions

Satori Software provides mailers of all levels with solutions that scale from wizard-based processes to those that support automated, document management systems and the most advanced sorts. As postal regulations expand in complexity, Satori mailing solutions keep pace to simplify mailing preparation for businesses of all sizes.

What you gain with Satori Software

Peace of mind.

As USPS works to rebuild in this digital age, requirements for preparing and submitting mail change with every CASS and PAVE cycle. Satori knows that thousands of mailers, like you, rely on Satori's solutions to deliver communications, build relationships with customers and run their businesses more efficiently.

Industry influence.

Satori participates in key associations, helping to form and drive the rules and regulations that propel the postal industry. These organizations, which include the Mailers' Technical Advisory Committee, PostCom and IDEAlliance, work directly with USPS to ensure that changes are needed for them to more fiscally efficient also to support your business needs.

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Bulk Mailer Satori Bulk Mail Software

Satori Bulk Mail Software

Infuse Desktop Satori Infuse Desktop

Satori Infuse Desktop