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Standard - Hunkeler Signature Book Block Solution
Standard - Hunkeler Signature Book Block Solution


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Standard Hunkeler Signature Book Block Solution
Book block production from the roll

The Standard Hunkeler Signature Book Block Solution produces ready-to-bind, glued book blocks from a 30" wide digital web and can run in-line with continuous-feed digital print engines or off-line. The Standard Hunkeler PF7 Double Plow-fold Module applies one or two folds in the web direction as needed before the new high-performance CS6-HS Cutter converts the multiple-up imposition into book blocks, which are then glued and stacked as 4-, 6-, or 8-page signatures on the new SD7 Double Starwheel Delivery Stacker. From there, the glued book blocks can be safely and easily transferred to a near-line perfect binder for book finishing. The Signature Book Block Solution is capable of non-stop operation up to 653 feet per minute and 450 output cycles per hour (multiple books per cycle).

Books-on-Demand Redefined

The modular book solution for the production of glued book blocks in-line or off-line for continuous digital printing systems up to a paper web width of 30. Processing of 4, 6 or 8-page signatures with quick setups and format changes. The highperformance Cross Cutter CS6-HS and the new Double Star Wheel Delivery SD7 guarantee non-stop production at 200 m/min with over 450 output cycles per hour. In one stacking cycle, several book blocks are delivered, which for example amounts to 2,245 books per hour in A5 format on a book length of 192 pages. The system is characterized by modularity and flexibility coupled with simple and safe handling for further processing thanks to integrated book block gluing and perfectly flat book stacking. The book-on-demand line can be used as a flexible near-line solution or as an in-line system and is designed for the low to medium volume segment.

PF7 Double Plow Fold module

This module is designed for book signature production from paperwebs of 10 to 30 inches (762 mm). The double folding unit permits production of signatures with 4, 2 times 4 (double production), 6 or 8 pages. Thanks to a simple changeover, setups can be accomplished very quickly.

SD7 Star Wheel Delivery

The non-stop Stacker Module produces at a speed of up to 200 m/min and processes format lengths between 8 to 14 inches for pre-glued book blocks up to approximately 50 mm in thickness and stacking heights up to 120 mm. This makes transfer into a
perfect binder very easy and guarantees safe handling.

Online JMF interface for JDF readiness

The system can be optimally controlled from a central controlstation and offers, via the JMF interface, the option of a JDFconnection, provided that the connected systems are designedfor such connections.

  • Up to 30" wide paper rolls can be fed
  • Digital print duplex, in-line (off-line possible as well)
  • Register mark
  • Longitudinal perforations for signature folding
  • First plow fold on the right (downward)
  • Second plow fold on the left (downward)
  • Cross cut of the folded paper web into signatures
  • Automatic separation of waste paper
  • Dynamic lue application for book block gluing
  • Stare wheel delivery, non-stop turning over and stacking of signatures
  • Book block pressing for optimal book block form
  • Book blocks, stacked to heights of 50 - 120 mm

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