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Cutting Sticks

Cutting Sticks are used for many different paper cutters on the market. The purpose of a cutting stick is to provide a wearable surface that the blade of a paper cutter can cut against. Square cutting sticks have eight positions that can be used, so once one position wears out, a stick can be rotated or flipped end-to-end to provide a fresh surface for the blade.

Regular changing of cutting sticks is very important to the proper operation of a paper cutter. Without a good cutting stick a the blade of the paper cutter won't have a solid surface to cut against. This can have a negative impact on the ability of the cutter to give good clean cuts through the entire stack. Cutting sticks can be flipped end to end to provide a fresh surface for the blade, eventually though, all usable surfaces of the cutting stick will be worn out and it will need to be replaced

Cutting sticks are the surface that counters the blade in a guillotine style cutter. More specifically, the cutting stick is the surface that the cutting blade action pushes against in order the scissor the material. Cutting sticks come in several different styles and sizes. Cutting sticks come in two major styles, square and rectangular. Square sticks are more common due to their longer lifespan. Because the blade of a cutter always contacts the same spot on the cutting stick, the stick can be rotated in order to use a new position and spread out wear. Square sticks have 8 usable surfaces because the stick can be rolled in 90 degree increments and also flipped end to end. Rectangular sticks can only be flipped in 180 degree increments and have half the usable positions. The advantage of rectangular or wiggle sticks is that they are quicker and more easily installed.

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