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Wiggle Sticks

Wiggle Sticks are a type of cutting stick used for many different paper cutters on the market. Wiggle sticks have a sideways wiggle to them that helps to keep them locked in place. The purpose of a cutting stick is to provide a wearable surface that the blade of a paper cutter can cut against. Because of the wiggle pattern in the cutting stick, they can not be turned 90 degrees in the machine like square cutting sticks. This means that each wiggle stick has four positions that can each wear independently whereas a square cutting stick will have eight.

Regular changing of cutting sticks is very important to the proper operation of a paper cutter. Without a good cutting stick a the blade of the paper cutter won't have a solid surface to cut against. This can have a negative impact on the ability of the cutter to give good clean cuts through the entire stack. Cutting sticks can be flipped end to end to provide a fresh surface for the blade, eventually though, all usable surfaces of the cutting stick will be worn out and it will need to be replaced

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